Blum Cliptop Hinge w/ Integrated Blumotion Full Cranked Application 110° Sprung N.P Inset Nickel 71B3750

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Blum 71B3750 integrated inset hinge in Nickel finish.

CLIP top BLUMOTION is innovative technology at its best. This award-winning integrated soft-close design effectively delivers soft and effortlessly closing cabinet doors. 

Soft-close BLUMOTION ensures a smooth closing action for all doors. This soft-close design adapts to every door, ensuring that no matter the size, weight or the force you use to close them the top quality motion will ensure a smooth soft-close every time.

When using our Blum clip top hinges on smaller or lighter doors the BLUMOTION technology can be deactivated to ensure the same top-quality motion as on heavier doors. 

  • Clip top with integrated BLUMOTION (with option to deactivate)
  • With or without spring closing mechanism
  • 3-dimensional front adjustment
  • 110° opening angle
  • INSERTA tool-free hinge to door assembly 
  • Tool-free door to cabinet assembly and removal
  • Available in Nickel or Onyx Black

Mounting plates sold separately.
Screws not included.

application standard hinge
Cranking Inset application
Opening angle 110
Closing mechanism with spring
hinge variant With integrated BLUMOTION
Cover cap type 94M3603
Cover cap type 70.1663
Cover cap type 70T3504 – boss cover cap
Boss material Steel boss
boss finish Nickel plated
Boss assembly screw-on
Flange width 57
Flange length 22
Flange height 3.2
diametre hinge boss drilling 35
distance between drillings 45
exccentric position of fixing holes to hinge boss hole 9.5
boss drilling depth 13
Minimum drilling distance 3
Maximum drilling distance 7
arm material Steel
arm finish Nickel plated
collision measurement (hinge arm height) 39.5
Fixed dimension / factory setting -7
Type of side adjustment With screw
Side adjustment + 3 mm/- 2 mm
Type of depth adjustment convenient with spiral screw
Depth adjustment +/- 2 mm
Gap 1.5
Item package 1 piece
packaging industrial packing



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