Made To Measure - Made Easy

Sliding Wardrobe Doors will completely transform any bedroom and we take pride in hand making beautiful wardrobes for our customers. 


We believe in making things easier so our own team have designed an amazing range of made to measure sliding wardrobe doors that are easier than ever to order. 


Simply enter your sizes online and checkout!

Made to Measure Sliding Wardrobe Door Kits

Shopping for made to measure sliding wardrobe doors doesn't need to be difficult. Picking a new sliding wardrobe door design that has been created by experts is now easier than ever.


We have been developing ready-made sliding wardrobe door kits that offer the same made to measure sizes, with the benefit of the design being premade by our design team. You can enter your sizes online and order with discounted pricing right away.


Browse our made to measure sliding wardrobe door kits below.


Heritage Sliding Door Kits

Heritage sliding wardrobe doors offer a beautiful and timeless design at a lower cost. Made from a stylish British Steel frame.


Shaker Sliding Door Kits

Shaker sliding wardrobe door kits give a new and modern feel to a classic design. Our biggest selling range made with British Steel.


Curve Sliding Door Kits

Curve sliding wardrobe door kits are our premium aluminium system with beautifully curved frames and soft closing dust strips.


Since 1980 we have offered a hands-on and personal approach to the made to measure sliding wardrobe doors that we produce. We continue that today. Every order is handled by one of the team. There are no overly complicated sliding door configurations or online tools. Just real people with real knowledge on the product that we produce.

Measuring Tip:

We don't all have perfectly level floors and ceilings. Even in a new house. That is not a problem and it's perfectly normal.


Again we like to make this simple. We ask for your opening height and your opening width. This is the space you want to install your new doors. We recommend measuring 3 times along the height and providing us with the lowest height and 2 times along the width and provide us with the widest part.


Lowest Height = Opening Height

Widest Width = Opening Width

Take a look at what we do 😀